Enøghene Ajueyitsi has been a busy musician since he learned how to speak. In his busy youth, with the direction of his parents, Enø sang in a classic choir that performed in DC's Kennedy Center, played percussion in The Washington Youth Orchestra, and performed as a drummer in the Duke Ellington New Washingtonian Jazz Ensemble for Dave Chappelle & Wynton Marsalis. He then decided to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and this decision landed him a scholarship for his talent as a drummer.

However, while attending his first semester at Berklee, Enø picked up a job as a college radio DJ, pioneering his way to create the schools first ever Hiphop/Rnb show. This reputation created a momentum allowing him to DJ other colleges in the area, corporate parties, private events and eventually, Boston's biggest night-clubs. [Estate, Goodlife, Liv, Saint Verve Lounge etc.]


Enø's DJ career opened doors to other avenues as well. This includes modeling, special live appearances, local magazine company interviews etc. He also performed as a DJ for upcoming Celebrities: Shea Rose, DQuest, and Kiesza. [Number 1 in UK charts currently.] See Video Below


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R.O.T.U - Rhythm of The Universe«

During this time, he also linked up with a talented team named R.O.T.U (Rhythm of the Universe) and helped create the first ever World Anthem, co-written by 100 countries from around the world. While in ROTU, Enø added many of talents into the fray. Rapping, singing, songwriting, mixing, and producing. The world anthem itself was co-written and co-produced by him. The rap section features him, and the intro of the video is a poem written by him. (A lot I know.) The video gained thousands of views, which led to city-wide press events, performances in a sold-out Boston Symphony Hall, Boston Music Awards, Hatchshell etc.

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Continuing on his evolution as an entertainer, Enø left the ROTU scene and continued as a featured artist (rapper/singer). You can find some of those tracks in the music section.

One of his features as a rapper is on the popular PSP console game 'Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble '. [BANDAI+Namco] 


Recently graduating from Berklee College of Music with a Music Production & Engineering Degree, as well as encountering and working with known industry celebrities, puts his skills and experiences at the top tier!

Enoghene's knowledge of modern technology and analog gear, opens up a world of opportunity to upcoming artists and producer's who need a professional sound to their music. He works with his brother Broo Ajueyitsi in a production company named '3rdWryld' and continues to work with a ton of people.

[Examples of mixes can be found in the music tab.]